Alternative Oscars In-Depth: Neville Brand, Jack Elam, Lee Van Cleef

Hi everybody, Right before the Tawfik Zone was out of commission for quite a while, due to a series of minor technical difficulties and my own hectic schedule, my dymanic duo Tia Nikolopulas and Tawfik Zone contributor Candace Wiggins recorded a couple of Alternative Oscars podcasts. (You can check out 1950, 1951, and 1952). The […]

Podcast: Alternative Oscars 1952

Hi Everybody, We’re back after a slightly long hiatus. Here’s our 3rd Alternative Oscars Podcast. In each episode, we discuss the Best Picture nominees of a single Oscars year, and then we give our way better choices, other films eligible for an Oscar in the same given year. They usually comprise of a mix between […]

Podcast: Alternative Oscars Episode 2 – 1951

Since we didn’t do too badly in our first podcasting effort and had a ball doing it, we’re back for a second episode of The Tawfik Zone’s Alternative Oscars Podcast. Joining me again are the dynamic duo, Tawfik Zone contributor Candace Wiggins and Tia Nikolopoulas. This episode, we tackle 1951, which is a very, well, […]

Little Candy Lou Who’s Favorite Xmas Xtras

By Candace Wiggins, Tawfik Zone Contributor “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, 1965. One of the best. You know this one. If not… time’s a wastin’. This year is the 50th anniversary of this staple and the network has pulled out all stops with a salute, as stars and celebs sing songs against a backdrop of the […]