Review: Pixels (2015)

Pixels: Just Another Offering from Adam Sandler By Heather Nichols, Tawfik Zone Contributor Right off the bat I’m just going to say the other critics are exaggerating when saying this is the worst film ever (though Sandler’s last three films prior to this could each be in the running). That’s My Boy was offensive on Continue Reading »

Review: The Green Girl (2014)

Here is another happy internet surfing story. It started out as another day of procrastination, on my favorite time-sucking spot IMDb to check on obscure talent that only a handful of people remember. While browsing Susan Oliver’s profile, I happened to get the urge to scroll down the page and look at her personal appearances Continue Reading »

Review: Ted 2 (2015)

Ted 2: Thunder Buddies Strike Lightning Twice By Heather Nichols, Tawfik Zone Contributor   After A Million Ways to Die in the West I was starting to think that the first Ted movie was a fluke for McFarlane, whose humor is often hit or miss. I was pleasantly surprised that Ted 2 lived up to Continue Reading »

Review: Begin Again

Begin Again: A Harmoniously Feel-Good Movie By Heather Nichols, Tawfik Zone Contributor   If Begin Again vaguely rings a bell it’s because it was in contention for best song at the Oscars (a category that really deserves more respect than it gets). If you haven’t heard of this film yet, don’t feel bad; I’m pretty Continue Reading »