Britcom: Miranda

Miranda is What I Call Such Fun In this day and age after thousands of years of plays and literature, it is challenging to come up with an original idea. At a comparatively younger 65 years, television seems to have gone through every possible storyline. Many are fatigued by the glut of remakes and sequels Continue Reading »

Heather’s 2015 Movie Awards

Welcome to my first annual Tawfik Zone Awards segment, which I am affectionately calling “The Toffees.” I feel that too many categories are left out of your typical award show so I’m hoping to remedy that. I’m covering everything from “Best Voice Over” to “Greatest Subtext” to “Biggest Disappointment.” Just to level the playing field, Continue Reading »

Take 5: Laura Lee

For those cultural snobs who persist in dismissing Blaxploitation films as totally worthless trash, prepare to be challenged again. These films employed so many talented and engaging personalities, even in the minutest roles. One of the greatest discoveries for me is Laura Lee, who appeared (uncredited, egregiously) in the overlooked Detroit 9000 (1973) as the Continue Reading »

15 Movies that Make You Glad You’re Single

By Heather Nichols, Adam Tawfik, and Candace Wiggins Valentine’s Day is a perfectly American tradition that celebrates love, sex, and above all commerce. Also, it is a convenient occasion for lonely single people to complain about how miserable they are. In all fairness, all of the capitalistic merchandise, including movies shamelessly glorifies romance between a Continue Reading »