Holiday Shopping: A Few of My Favorite Things Pt. 2

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By Heather Nichols, Tawfik Zone Contributor

[Editors Note: This is the second part of a 2-part article. You can find Part 1 here]

So let’s talk apparel. If you’re shopping for someone that you know well enough and feel comfortable purchasing some clothing for them here are some of my favorite sites to choose from. Just one thing to note here many of these sites use junior sizing for their women’s clothing, which means the shirts are fitted and tend to run small. It might be best to order men’s/unisex if your lady friend has a heavier build. When in doubt, each site will have a size chart to serve as your guide.

Popuptee ( –First up on our list is a tee shirt rotation site. How this works is you’ll notice a timer at the top of the site, when this timer runs out a new list of shirts will be featured. The average is about 4 days per group of shirts. They have more shirts available in the vault section of their site; these are ones that sold very well and are offered again at a higher price ($19.99 versus $12.99). Often times there will be a theme or two featured so if you don’t find what you’re looking for try again later. One thing to note, this one can take a while to ship since they don’t print the shirts until after the sale is over.

RiptApparel- ( –This site started as a 24-hour tee shirt rotation site, but has evolved into so much more. On the home page you will see a few shirts featured. These change every single day so if you see something, grab it because it could be gone tomorrow. Similar to the previous site, this one offers some of its best sellers in the store section but in addition to shirts you can also get hoodies, onesies, coasters, sketch books, prints and toys. Also this site features both toddler and youth sizes which is good if you’re looking for the little ones.

TeeFury- ( –The one that started it all for me, this store also started as a 24 hour shirt site but has also expanded its catalogue within the past year. You can order hoodies, ugly sweaters, leggings, shoes, and prints.

TeePublic- ( –This site is awesome. All the designs are made for fans by fans. It also pays the artists one of the highest percentages of all these sites which is why I support them. Now all the designs are available as shirts but selected designs can also be printed to tank tops, long sleeve tees, baseball tees, kid sizes, crewnecks, hoodies, wall art, and phone cases. Unfortunately the  site has one glitch I found recently. The only way to find out if the design you like is available is to click on the shop, filter by what item you want and see if it lists your design. Basically the drop down menu has a bug which I’m hoping they can fix soon. Otherwise I’ve got to say I’ve order over $200 worth of gifts from them in the past and their customer service is excellent, I think my order arrived within a week as well so that’s always a good thing.

TeeTurtle- ( – I might be biased in saying this is my favorite of all the tee shirt shops because they are just so cute. This site uses a particular style and features chibi-fied versions of your favorite characters and anthropomorphized animals. They also have a sister site, which features all original designs.


A couple things to keep in mind, since you are online shopping just pay attention to your shipping dates. Remember if you’re not seeing the person until after the holidays you don’t have to expedite and pay an additional charge to rush it in. Above all remember it’s the thought that counts. Here’s to you and your loved ones, we’ll see you all in 2016.







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