Holiday Shopping: A Few of My Favorite Things Pt. 1

By Heather Nichols, Tawfik Zone contributor

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Season’s greetings everyone! No matter what holiday you are celebrating this year we all know shopping can be really stressful, especially when you don’t know what to get someone. Whether you’re searching for gifts on shoppok
or Etsy, gift buying can be pretty difficult. Personally, I am not a fan of going the gift card route. I want to give something that has a bit more meaning behind it.

Every year Oprah Winfrey releases a list of her favorite things, but let’s face it you have to have an Oprah sized salary to afford about 90% of that list. This is why I’m making one of my own, most of which will be under $20. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite gift ideas I found while browsing the net. Oh yeah, all of them are geek/nerd/pop culture friendly, whether their love is for film, books, or music there’s something out there for everyone. So here we go!


When it comes to online shopping, not many people know the details. Salesforce explains ecommerce in an easy way to give you a better understanding of it. The first place people think of for online shopping is Amazon. There’s no need to worry if you missed out on Black Friday or cyber Monday, Amazon will continue to add new deals throughout the season. I’m not going to go into much detail here since Amazon is so well advertised and most people know how to get what they’re looking for.


One of my favorite online places to shop is Etsy. This is for two reasons; one, you’re supporting artists running their own independent businesses, and the other is you can find pretty much anything you want. Here’s just a small sampling of stores I decided to check out for this holiday shopping season.

Home decor– If you’re shopping for someone who may have just moved out or is a collector of a particular fandom getting them a nice ornament might be a good route to go. The Perfect Cup has a wide assortment of ornaments including super heroes and video game designs. Additionally you can personalize your gift and the site offers a small selection of other items such as keychains and blankets.

Comic Decor could be a good place to look for the comic book lover in your life. They have frames, boxes and other decorative items for your home.

Another shop I liked for decorations was Burrito Princess. The highlights are the 8-bit inspired frames and magnets. The Adventure Time set is absolutely adorable. And even though we mainly rely on our smart phones to tell the time, a handsome clock could still bring the room together, especially if it features the fab four on its face.

American Dreamy also features other various wall hangings that lovers of anything pop culture will enjoy.

Candles– Candles are usually a good holiday gift. They smell nice and can literally brighten up the room. Tracks On Wax and Old Glow Candles step your candle game up to the next level. Tracks on Wax is pretty self-explanatory, candles created using music as their inspiration. Included in the selection are Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time,” and Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah Song.” For those of you who know me well, you’ll immediately know why the second shop caught my attention. In addition to the Miyazaki inspired candles, this shop has various scents inspired from film and literature. The description for “The Shire,” inspired by The Lord of the Rings series, reads –”fresh hobbiton grass, English garden flowers and a hint of a cozy log fire.” If that doesn’t sound pleasant and inviting, I don’t know what is.

Mugs- Another classic gift idea but never a bad one. I enjoyed browsing the mugs from these Tula Tinkers and Coral Bel both of which feature some cute sayings and quotes.

And of course we can’t forget what goes inside. I found this delicious looking coffee merchant, Free the Green Bean who even has some festive blends available. And if coffee isn’t exactly your cup of tea, might I suggest Duval Tea?

And how about a nice treat to go with your hot beverage? Sweet Belle Cakes has several to choose from, including truffles that are Han Solo frozen in carbonite from that iconic Star Wars scene.

Kitchen Equipment- Whether it’s a present for your friend who loves being in the kitchen or for you to make them a more personalized basket of treats, there are so many shops that feature everything from personalized cooking boards to Super Mario cookie cutters. If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves cooking, why not check out a website like clever kitchen, to get some gift ideas. Kitchen related gifts always go down a treat! These are a few shops I liked; Star Cookies, La Boite a Cookies, and Rainbow Rolling Pins. They mainly cater to video game fans but there are a few other fandoms included.

Jewelry- I like getting all my jewelry from places that I’ve done thorough research on. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on an unreliable brand or one that doesn’t do things ethically. This is why I always appreciate it when companies have an About Us page that I can look into. For example, if you visit the Haruni page (a company that makes wonderful jewelry), you will see that they have spent a long time creating a About Us from Haruni page for you to visit and explore their past. It just gives that extra level of trust. I love bold colors in my jewelry, no matter how big or small the piece is. I could love a simple gem just as much as a

Tomorrow, I’ll give you the rundown on the cutest apparel stores.

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  1. Candace

    All of these are good choices for the Frugal Shopper… I am just as happy with a B&N gift certificate or a nice meal out or some baked goods. And I never ever know what to get others… I look forward to the rest of your article, Heather!

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